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A Choice to Make 6
Gokudera ran and ran after the figure. The woman was fast for someone who wasn't athletic. He finally came close and reached his hand out, grasping for her. His finger tips grazing the shoulder of her blazer. She paused and turned to look at him with curiosity. He loved the way her lips pursed at him and the slight arch of her eyebrows as she looked at him.
"Yes? What do you want?"
"I just wanted to talk."
"You had your chance last time. Why do you insist on talking to me?"
He could hear the tinge of annoyance in her voice when she addressed him.
"I want to close up loose ends."
The woman stared at him quietly and deep in thought.
"Very well. We can talk."
The two walked into a secluded cafe nearby and took their seats. There was a bit of silence before Gokudera started the conversation. He stirred the hot tea in front of him slowly.
"You know I still love you right?"
Gokudera watched as her face flashed with confusion at his statement before settling into a more serious one with sligh
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A Choice to Make 5
Gokudera paced back and forth anxiously in front of Namimori middle school. He wanted to meet her face to face. He wanted to talk to her so bad right now. The female students stared at him and giggled with glee as they left. Gokudera tched. The girls and their giggling were not helping with his stress. He felt a hard whack on the back of his head and glared at his assailant angrily. Hibari returned his glare in equal folds.
   “Why are you here? I thought I told you to back off.” Hibari said with a low voice
   “You’re not the boss of me.” Gokudera retorted. Hibari’s glare intensified and the two stood staring at each other silently.
   “Um…What are you two doing?” Asked a familiar voice. The two turned to face the speaker and were surprised to find the very female that was on their minds. She puffed up her cheeks with a slight glare.
   “I don’t know why you two are so surprised t
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A Choice to Make 4
Gokudera rang the doorbell to a large home. The garden was well maintained and the area very quiet except for the sound of chirping birds. The home was an old Japanese style that matched the owner of it very well. The door in front of him slid open to reveal Hibari. Gokudera looked down at the ground before looking up to face the man.
   “Mind if I come in?” He asked. Hibari let out a sigh through his nose before stepping aside to let Gokudera in. The inside was simple with 2 paintings along the walls of the long hall. A table with a bonsai tree stood at the end. Hibari waved for Gokudera to follow him to the tea room where they both sat down across from each other. Gokudera in a slouched posture while Hibari sat upright, the two stared at each other for a long time. Kusakabe came in with a tray of tea and quickly set it down before leaving due to the tension in the room. Gokudera spoke up first.
   “How long? How long have you guys been together?&
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World Trigger 7 mins in Heaven
The members of the Tamakoma branch were all sitting around in the lounge area eating their snacks. They had no mission to do today and nothing to do. Just then, Jin entered the room with a wide grin on his face. Jin cupped his hands around his mouth before making his announcement. A bunch of members from the other bases right behind him as they chattered with each other excitedly. Jin brought a finger to his face and shushed them before addressing the members of his base.
     “Gather up everyone! I have a plan!”
     “We won’t be bored anymore?” Konami asked as she sat up quickly. Eager to do something different than the usual.
     “That depends on how active you are.” Jin said with a wink.
     “Active? So what’re we doing?”
    “It’s a game called seven minutes in heaven!” Jin said happily as he pulled out a large bag and began snatchin
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 7 5
7 mins in Heaven Tao
   Shinwoo looked around before his eyes fell on you.
    “Hey! You can go next!” You weren’t exactly paying attention and looked around confusedly before pointing at yourself.
    “Yea you! You’re next. Come on up and pick an item.” The red head waved for you to come over excitedly, you walked to the bag of items and reached in. Your hands searching for something interesting, a smooth rectangular object caught your attention. You pulled it out and realized it was a USB, on it said “Videos”. You held up your item quizzically and hoped that someone would step up to claim it.
     “Oh! That’s mine!” You turned to face the speaker and found yourself facing Tao, you felt your cheeks heat up a little bit.
     “I suppose this means we’re partners. Shall we enter the closet mi’lady.” Tao took a bow and offered his hand up to you, you giggled at
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 20 3
A Choice to Make 3
      The heavy scent of coffee lingered in the air and chattering people filled the café. Gokudera sat at one of the seats by the window, the plush red arm chair not doing much to relax him. In front of him sat an untouched coffee and croissant. Gokudera’s leg wouldn’t stop jittering up and down from nervousness. He had hopes inside him that he could remedy what had happened all those years ago. _y/n_ was a sensible person, she could understand where he was coming from right. His eyes kept flitting back towards the door and back down at his coffee. He would wait till she got here before he started eating. The bell above the entrance jingled just then and he saw the woman walk in, looking around.
      “_Y/N_! Over here!” Gokudera shouted as he waved his arms at her excitedly. She turned over and looked a bit relieved to not have to stand at the entrance any longer. She sat down in the seat across from him and ordered some cake
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 11 9
A Choice to Make 2
     Gokudera froze. The only thoughts running through his head were ‘She’s here’.
Gokudera felt his palm get sweaty and he looked up at Hibari expectantly.
        “ Do you mind if I waited here?”
        “ Herbivore.”
The tone Hibari’s voice used was warning him.
        “I’ll park my car elsewhere and come back.”
Hibari let out a sigh. His hands rubbing his temples tiredly, he put his tonfas away and pointed in a direction.
        “ Herbivore, you can park your car over there.”
        “ Thank you!”
        “I’m just telling you now so you can’t say I didn’t warn you. You might not like      
         what you learn, but I rather you hear it from her rather than from me.”
With that, Hibari wa
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 6 3
A Choice to Make 1
Gokudera pulled up his black Ferrari in front of his old middle school.  The students leaving the school were staring at his car and murmuring excitedly. It felt strange for him to be here again, it’s been seven years since he left Japan and returned to Italy. The boss had decided to attend college in Italy so that it was easier for him to manage the family and attend school at the same time. Gokudera, being Tsuna’s right hand man, decided to follow Tsuna to Italy. Looking once more at the building, Gokudera leaned back into the plush seat of his car, beginning to reminisce. This was the place where everything began. He closed his eyes and let the memories hit him like a tidal wave, all the adventures and drama that happened within those walls, his trance interrupted by knocking on his window. Gokudera opened one eye to see who it was and not to his surprise, it was Hibari. Gokudera rolled down his window.
“Hibari. Nice to see you too.”
“Herbivore. Ca
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 11 3
Zara FINAL Bio :iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 2 0
Female Warrior 3/???
Kyuu- 'nine' your code name in the story.
I looked around the room quietly, my hood covering most of my face. Today would be my first meeting with all the hunters. I stood next to the master star reader as the hunters began to file in and stood line up in front of us. I could see the curious glints in their eyes seeing me. Mon stepped forward and gestured his hand towards me before speaking.
“This is our new member Kyuu. She will be joining the rank of hunters officially today.”
The men began to whisper to each other. The bulky one half raised his hand, indicating that he has a question to ask. Mon nodded at him.
“Sir, The history and legend never once mentioned a ninth warrior. Why are we creating one now.”
“As I have told Jin before, there was a ninth from the very start. Just never recorded in history.”
“Why is that?”
“Because they wanted to hide a fact that a woman helped them.”
“A woman… wait…
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 5 5
Forbidden Attraction REDONE 2/??
You walked alongside the beach, the water gently lapping at your feet. The sun had set and the sky dark, yet you still didn’t feel like returning home. You knew your mother would be worried but you didn’t know how to explain your feelings to her. Your trance was interrupted when you heard the sound of low whispering and something heavy being dragged. Following the sound curiously you found a gentleman and a young woman whispering to each, a boat behind them. It was obvious from the way the man was dressed that he worked in the red light district and judging by the boat the two of them were trying to leave the island. You shook your head sadly. The island you lived on had a lack of men, so many of the young boys ended up being sent to train to become a gentlemen. Though being a gentlemen paid well, the price they paid was their freedom. The young men of the red light district aren’t allowed to leave the island or start their own family, if they were caught they would b
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 5 0
Forbidden Attraction REDONE chapter 1
The brightly lit street and vibrant decorations dazzled your eyes. Beautiful men and women walked down the streets chattering happily, their beautiful kimonos flowing behind them. You felt so very out of place in this beautiful world in you simple kimono. You quickly snapped yourself out of your dazed state and slapped your cheeks to focus.
"I just need to pass this place to get the fabric mother wanted. That's all."
You walked down the crowded road quickly, growing more uncomfortable by the second due the many couples wandering the street. You knew what they were going to do, after all, this was the red light district. You groaned, wondering why your mother was so picky about what store the fabric she needed came from. In your thinking state, you didn't notice a person standing in front of you and the two of you crashed.
"Uta-san! Are you alright sir!”
"Yes yes. I'm fine."
You heard a panicked male voiced and you looked up to see a beautiful man in front of you. His silky black
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 8 0
The Morning After
(Xanxus x Reader)
I blinked my eyes repeatedly when the sun came into contact of my eyes. My whole body was hurting and I felt exhausted. I continued to rub my eyes and began to sit up, wanting to get something to eat. Arms circle my waist and roughly pulled me back to bed. A person snuggled their face into my shoulder and continued to sleep.
‘What the..?’
I could feel my eyes grew wide with shock when I saw it was the leader of the Varia Xanxus
I mentally screamed. My face flushed as I put two and two together, such as why I had no clothes on and why I felt sore all over. I turned over to look at the sleeping man.
‘His face looks so peaceful when he’s sleeping…’
He didn’t have his usual angry look, his hair covered half his face and his snoring came out low and soft. I watched as his peaceful face contorted into a frown before returning to it’s normal peaceful state.  I reached my
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 29 4
Meet Up
I fiddled around with my hair nervously, rocking back and forth on the heel of my foot. I had agreed to go grab coffee with the man named Frankenstein. Looking around, I tried to distract myself and caught my reflection in the window of the shop behind me. checking myself over once more, perfection on my mind. Black knee length skirt was fine. White blouse, has some wrinkles but not completely noticeable. Light brown oxfords, good. I paused before slapping both my cheeks.
"What's wrong with me!? I'm a thousand plus year old noble! Why am I so nervous of a simple meetup! Damn it!"
I kept mumbling my thoughts to myself that I didn't notice the three men approaching me. One of them grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. 'How rude!'
"Hey there pretty lady. Got some free time?"
"No. I'm waiting for someone." I said as coldly as I could. The punk smirked
"Lady, I'm sure we're better company than who you're waiting for."
I could feel his hand sliding dangerously low. I let out a low growl.
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 19 8
7 minutes in heaven Fuuta (young reader)
Haru looked around the room. Carefully eyeing each remaining participant. Until a hand shot up into her face.
"Nee-chan! I wanna play! Please! Please! Please!"
Haru let out a sigh at the younger girl.
"You're only 10!"
"Please please please please please!"
You did your best puppy eyes and stared at Haru. Haru looked around before finally caving in to you.
"Fine. But on one condition. You have to play with Fuuta."
You were too eager to care who you were playing with as long as you got too. You quickly ran over to Fuuta and took the small book out of his hand before dragging him into the closet with you. The door slammed loudly, shaking the walls.
"That was...wild." Haru said with wide eye shock.
Inside the closet, Fuuta sat squished up in a corner and utterly confused. You on the other hand sat in your corner and stared at him with big round eager eyes.
"Fuuta! Do you even know this game?!"
"Um...Not really...I was actually reading my book and also collecting information on ever
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 11 8
Change for Better
                M-21 patrolled the school grounds, his mind off into a different world. Just then a new scent invades his nose. He face scrunched up as the smell was something that brought bad memories of a particular noble.  Not exactly in a rush in greet the owner of this scent he slowly strolled over to the source. A pretty young noble leaning against the school front gates came into view. M-21 could feel a headache creeping into his mind already.
“What are you doing here?”
“Why hello to you too filthy mutt.”
“My name is M-21.” He said as he glared at the girl.
“And my name is __y/n__ and I would like it if you take me to Frankenstein.”
Not liking her attitude and tone when talking to him, M-21 decided to challenge her request.
“And if I don’t?”
__y/n__ pushed herself off the wall before approaching the man.  On her face was an eerie smile and it managed to make M-21 f
:iconxxerukaxx:xXErukaXx 30 9


Panty-chan :iconrona67:Rona67 30 18 Grounded :iconrona67:Rona67 35 29
Corpse Girl pt5~ Better Than Before

         “Wake up.” Demon pokes your forehead with a gloved hand.
         “No…” You pout rolling over.
         “Hey… Wake up, woman.” He pokes your side. You giggle trying to move his hand away.
          “No! Demon!” You giggle trying to move away as he pokes you more.
          “Gonna wake up?” He inquires lowly.
          “Why do I have to wake up though? Its my day off!” You whine.
          “Because we’re going to get you a mask,” Law rumbles in the doorway. You freeze and swiftly roll out of bed, hiding behind Demon.
          “What are you doing here!?” You squeak warily.  
          “I live here.&
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 42 18
Someone Important~ Smoker x Reader *Oneshot*

        You’re blasted back into a building and groan as you sit up. “Damn annoying…. Get back here bastard!” You shout swiftly giving chase as the pirate runs for the pub where his crew no doubt was. “Don’t you think about-“ Too late, he’s already in the pub. “Dammit, I gotta work on getting faster…” You sigh changing weapons as the pirates swarm you.
        “A pirate hunter eh? You don’t look so tough.” One of them rumbles.
        “Have you been blown up several times? No? Then shut the hell up, you don’t know me…” You retort jumping as high as you can into the air and tossing down one of your bombs. The pirates are sent flying all over. “Alright lets see… Oh cool, there’s four high bounties here.” You hum cuffing their ankles before dragging them toward th
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 103 15
The Unseen pt5~ It's Him

         You wake up, curling up and taking in the scent of the blankets. Your eyes ease open to his room. A dream? You frown and close your eyes, curling up more.
         “___!” Someone cheers before some body slams you. You cough, eyes flying open and looking at the monkey spirit's grinning face.
         “Good morning, Luffy get off her.” Sabo frowns coming in.
         “What are you two doing here?” You murmur sitting up when Luffy gets off of you.
         “No place to go.” Sabo shrugs sitting with you. “How’d you sleep?” He asks giving a smile.
         “I slept good… But I don’t remember falling asleep.” You frown.
         “Probably when the demon took you.” Law says a
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 62 11
The Unseen pt4~ Links

      You jump to your feet only to get sweeped to the side by one of Law’s tails, a fireball flies past. “Partner. Tell me you are prepared to handle tainted spirits.” Law breathes.
       “I havent started my training for this yet.” You reply as you both dodge another fireball.
       “Then we’ll have to calm him down the hard way.” Law growls, hitting the spirit with a black orb.
        “Don’t hurt him! Youre just gonna- whoa!” The fire spirit releases a fiery discharge.
        “Nuisances!” The blond snarls hitting Law with a flaming fist, Law flies back past you and the blond steps forward, getting ready to blast him.
         “No! No no no!” You swiftly move in front of the blond putting a hand on his chest. He blinks down at you.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 51 9
Ink ~ Trafalgar Law x Reader *Oneshot*

      The music buzzes in your ears, and you close your eyes sinking into the rhythm, murmuring lyrics under your breath.
       “Even as the music plays~ Your words always stay~ A sweet voice I haven’t heard singing sweetly in my head~”
       You open your eyes and write down the lyrics on your arm as you continue.
        “If only it wasn’t just words on my skin~ I’d like to hear their rhythm on our lips~ Maybe feel how you kiss~”
      Oh, that made you blush. Was that a good idea?
      “Then again I’ll probably be frozen the day we meet~ What do you think will happen~ When it’s no longer ink~”
       You smile as you finish and pull your sleeve back down and straighten up as the bus nears His stop. You peek over your seat as he comes on with a small amused
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 173 37
Sharp ~ Killer x Reader *Oneshot*

*This Oneshot is for :icontoysizedlady: Thank you so much again I hope you like it!*
    “Excuse me.” The low voice makes you pause your work and look over at the masked man.
     “Yeah what can I do for you?” You inquire, moving away from the grinding stone. He holds up two scythe like blades.
      “Could you fix these up?” He inquires. You take the blades, sharp eyes already taking in the extensive damage. No good, these blades were splitting and chipping already. A frown comes to your lips briefly.
        “How long will you be on the island?” You ask him.
         “Three days I believe.” He answers with a slight nod.
         “Alright. Give me about a day and a half and I’ll have them ready for you.” You tell him. He nods and leaves at that. You wait a few mom
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 163 39
Tied Up ~ Eustass Kid x Reader *Oneshot*

      “And don’t go into the basement, I’ll be back in three hours.” Your cousin tells you.
       “Right, have fun Killer.” You wave after him before he goes out. “I can’t believe I let him pay me gummy bears to house watch…” You mutter. “And for only three hours… He’s such a weirdo.” You hum starting to eat the gummy bears and turn on a movie to watch. You hear something thump and look around. With a shrug you go back to watching the movie.
       Another thump, and then the lights go out. “Fuck. Are you shitting me?” You grumble getting up and turning on the flashlight on your phone. You go to the basement door and go down in search of the fuse box. You find it in the corner and put the bag of gummys in your mouth as you flip the switch. The lights come back on and you relax, putting up your phone
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 204 37
Sinking pt5~ Shanks x Reader *Final*

            You hang by your ankle, frowning heavily. "Oops," Shanks huffs, coming into the clearing.
          "Oops?" You echo, glaring at him. 
          "I forgot that was there," he admits sheepishly, looking up at the rope. You pinch his cheeks in annoyance. "Don't be so angry, I'll cut you down," He says smiling. You release his face as he backs up and unsheathes his sword. He swiftly cuts the rope and you manage to land on your feet. You stagger a bit from the head rush. He catches you swiftly, balancing you. 
           "Where are we going again?" You inquire, holding your head. 
          "I want to show you something," He answers simply, grabbing your hand. You let him guide you through the forest again. 
           "So we came all the way to this island, j
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 117 15
Sinking pt1~ Shanks x Reader

       Water was filling the bottom of your small ship. "Dammit!" You shout in frustration, roughly throwing the bucket you had been using to scoop out the water. You pause hearing a splash as it disappears into the waves twenty feet away from the ship.  Letting out an annoyed growl you face palm. "Screw it... I've had nothing but bad luck since that island... I give up!" You growl, throwing yourself onto the deck. "Damn sea kings... Stupid pirates... Fucking runaway buckets!" You cursed everything that had made your week awful. 
           "I'm going to sink with this ship and that's that!" You decide. You sit up, "I need sake," You decide, going below deck into the rising water and coming back out with a few bottles of sake. "This is a good end to a renown pirate hunter," You grumble sarcastically. Soon drinking and singing 'binks sake', you lay back on the deck, 'Gonna sink... All alone.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 127 19
Servant ~ Buggy x Reader *OneShot*

Request for :iconzartstudios13: I hope you like it.
     "Get moving clown." You huff pushing him forward. He growls in slight annoyance, glaring at you. 
      "You dare push a warlord!?" He growls. Your brow twitches and you flick him in the nose. He whines and covers his nose teary eyed. 
      "Listen Buggy, we both know that title was a fluke, don't try my patience clown," You grip his collar bringing him nose to nose with you. He blinks and blushes lightly. 
      "Yes ma'am..." He squeaks. You smirk with a hum and release him. 
      "Good boy. Now get lost this is my territory." You rumble. He grits his teeth eye twitching.
      "Your territory!? Why you flashy woman!!" He bursts turning on you. You simply flick his nose again. He moves to cover his nose and you slam him into the ground. 
      "Flashy Huh? I mig
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 96 16
So cold :iconsawitry:Sawitry 299 19
Unborn child (Doflamingo x Reader)
The first time you realized your period was not on time you knew exactly what happened. You were pregnant and that was probably what you expected while spending so many nights with this man. But now you started to think straight as some mother instinct struck you. You knew here wasn’t the best place for your unborn baby, not in such environment. Sure even if you would have the money the bad energy and influence of the father would only make him into a bad person. You didn’t want that. You wanted the kid to be raised in a kind and loving house. May it have been with or without a father. Your plan was simple leave this cursed island and leave for a place that is in some kind of harmony, kind and peaceful. Yet before you left you managed to take some of his money and treasure. You didn’t felt like any thief because he had to pay for the kid as well even if he didn’t knew about it at all. How quick and fast you were no one noticed the drawn out money, a least not
:icontemidark:TemiDark 41 17
House Trained (Werewolf!Zoro x Reader)
“Death row?”  You frowned.
The male frowned sadly and nodded, “Yes.  We try to help as many animals as we can here but sometimes a few fall through the cracks.  This one more so considering his temperament.”
You looked at the very large dog in the cage stall and studied him, his fur was matted and dirty and you were sure you smelled him long before you found him  when looking around.  The poor thing had a long scar over it’s left eye that only boost the intimidation factor.
Honestly, he wasn’t much in the handsome range either.
“He was very hard to catch.  Some people thought he was a wolf when they called us; Shaun had to use two darts to take him down.”
“He is very big,” You breathed in awe,  “Do you think he may have some wolf in him…?”
The animal worker sighed and crossed his arms, “Maybe.  There’s no sure way to tell with animals sometimes.  He cer
:iconjaq-rabbit:Jaq-Rabbit 248 33
Food Poisoning -- Bonus :icon29thspirit:29thspirit 56 27



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Forbidden Attraction
This series will  be taken down and redone into something more satisfying. I'll also try to make each chapter longer to cover more in one go. 

7 mins in heaven
Noblesse will be continued
KHR will be continued
World trigger- New series 

It will be okay
past chapters will be left up

Female Warrior
Will be continued. Chapter 3 in process


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